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  • Lena Drake


Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I left the kind of wedding

that made you want

to get married. Oaks, live

witnesses to promises

you were sure they'd keep.

Car ride home stank of

a shoe bag filled with the

consequence of one

too many Benjamins.

Shock is the end of what you


--are you okay--

--so sorry--

--can't believe he--

--I knew how much you--

Baseball cap and a t-shirt

I decided he was mine the

second I saw him. Tallest

person in the room, you'd

wrap yourself in him for

safety, or because he was

beautiful. He closed the doors

I opened and opened the

doors I closed. Couldn't keep

him, even after I begged, so

I moved through the world,

his hand on the small of my

back. When he finally came

to call, I was spoken for. The

verdict? Friends for life.

Life's still happening and I'm

not loosening my grip, so

you better be taking good

care of him--precious cargo.

He was honest when you

didn't want to hear it and

held you together when

you'd cracked right open,

caught the pieces before

they hit the ground. Had to

see the world if only to tell

you all about it. Didn't he know

he had the whole universe

wrapped inside his heavy

heart. Special delivery

for those with empty hands.

Fall in love 100 times until

you realize all roads lead to

Rome. Can I ask for five

more minutes? I forgot

we wouldn't have forever.

I want you to know that's

all I was looking for. A way

to keep you.

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