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  • Lena Drake

Brunch Rush

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

She didn't fit

in with the

rich. The way

they curdled at

strangers and rose

to greet the


She'd rather serve

than sit, knowing

better the kitchen

chatter. Always

behind the curtain,

the cooks barking

like dogs, settled

in their crates.

She stood straighter

when she entered

their domain. A rouse

for their own,

(for her own)

delight. Their

tablecloths candlelit

so you'd never

see the filth.

She liked to work

near the ocean

thinking it better

for breathing. Hope

above the blue. Drinks

at high noon. They

thought they saw

a rainbow, someone

asked her to confirm

asked her for a photo

asked her for a drink

they were certain

they saw a rainbow

isn't it always

a close call.

She never wanted

to be rich. Thinking

they'd been tricked.

A butterfly

slipped inside

deciding to hide

just past a lady's

head. It flew unnoticed,

the tantalizing

conversation, affairs

much bigger than

a monarch. They

rarely noticed the

sea, though it's

what they paid

to see. Encumbered

by the expense of

carelessness. Cartier

bands strapped to

their wrists like

lifeboats. Nobody told

them gold sinks

as fast as silver.

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