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  • Lena Drake


Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In my dream you showed up

out of nowhere, pomegranate

in December. You were sweet

and ready, like you weren’t

before. The last time I saw

you, filled eyes and troubled

brow, you told me everything

but goodbye. I must have been

waiting all this time.

In my dream you were happy

to see me, as though you too

had waited. I used to cry in

bar bathrooms when my date

didn’t kiss me right. I used

to shout obscene things

to strangers, in case they'd

decide to try me out

for the night.

In my dream you took me as

though I belonged to you. I

used to give myself away

as though I wasn't the owner.

You always knew what you

wanted. Remember the maroon

couch beside the hallway? We

never closed the door.

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