• Lena Drake


In my dream you showed up

out of nowhere, pomegranate

in December. You were sweet

and ready, like you weren’t

before. The last time I saw

you, filled eyes and swaying

heart, you told me everything

but goodbye. I must have been

waiting all this time. Did you

know you were coming back?

What took you so long? Falling

from the sky.

In my dream you were happy

to see me, as though you couldn’t

have decided to see me long

ago. Did you know I cried in

bar bathrooms when my date

didn’t kiss me right? You were

right if I wanted you to be. Anyone

I kissed after you, blue, an

attempt to remind you I could go

away. Come, envy monster, make

him know me again.



In my dream you took me as

though I belonged to you. Did

I give myself away to the first

one who kissed me right? You

always knew what you wanted.

I must have gotten lost on the

when. Remember the maroon

couch beside the hallway? We

never closed the door. You didn’t

say you’d come back. But I


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