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  • Lena Drake

the boy with three houses

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Did you think I forgot you? Velvet

hands and lifts in your shoes. Took

the invitation to your house upstate

where I worried we'd split the bill.

Had a type I found in the eyes of

people that were still new. Had a

tape, as one does on vacation,

desperation doesn't know no. I

asked for a blank wall--somewhere

with natural light. I wanted you

to watch, wanted to see you see

me. Delight on your face, maybe

surprise. I translated the distance

between us as intimidation; I offered

too much to the boy with three houses.

My only audience that day; I was big

enough to fill the room, convinced

I scared you back into your seat. You,

whose face read more than it revealed,

you who was certain that I was

magnificent. Risky for a girl with a type/

tape. We couldn't have been more

than a body apart. The way you heard me

unnerving. Do you remember me now

or do you try to forget? The phone call,

afternoon, no apology to be found.

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